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2022 Distribution Information


The following table provides distribution amounts for the Marsico Funds. Distributions were paid on December 16, 2022 to shareholders of record as of December 15, 2022.

Fund Ticker Symbol Income Short-Term Capital Gains Long-Term Capital Gains Total Distribution
MFOCX $0.0000 $0.0000 $2.8135 $2.8135
MIFOX $0.0000 $0.0000 $2.8135 $2.8135
MGRIX $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0000
MIGWX $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0000
MXXIX $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0000
MIDFX $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0000
MIOFX $0.0271 $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0271
MIIOX $0.0147 $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.0147
MGLBX $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.6193 $0.6193
MIGOX $0.0000 $0.0000 $0.6193 $0.6193


*Marsico International Opportunities Fund has also elected to pass through foreign tax credits for a portion of the foreign tax paid by the Fund.

On the day a fund distributes a dividend or capital gain to shareholders, the fund's share price, or net asset value (NAV), decreases by the amount of the per share distribution to shareholders. The decline in NAV does not reflect a loss in your overall investment value. Instead, it indicates that a portion of that value has been given to you as income or a capital gain. You can either take distributions in cash or reinvest them, as most shareholders do. If you reinvest the distribution, the number of shares in your account will increase proportionally, so that the total value of your account will not be affected by the distribution. Market activity may also impact the fund's NAV, so the total change in NAV may be more or less than the distribution.


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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Recent performance may have been negative.

UMB Distribution Services, LLC, is the distributor of The Marsico Investment Fund. Check the background of UMB Distribution Services on FINRA's BrokerCheck.

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